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Final Inspections

The following items will need to be completed prior to requesting a final inspection of your new home:
  1. All exterior doors must be equipped with the required egress landings. This includes the 36 x 36 landing, stairs and rails as required. Decks may substitute for landings.
  2. Interior stairs, rails and barriers must be installed.
  3. A functioning kitchen must be installed.
  4. At least one bathroom must be complete; lavatory, water closet and tub or shower.
  5. Properly wired smoke detectors must be installed.
  6. Garage/house smoke wall must be complete.
  7. All electrical, water, sewer (septic), gas connections, must be completed.
  8. A means of providing heat must be provided.
  9. Street address must be posted in accordance with Ordinance # 628.
  10. Final Inspection checklist must be completed and submitted to the Building Department.

Check the Documents section for the Final Inspection Checklist Form.  You must have Acrobat Reader to view this form.

[ Don't have Acrobat Reader? Click here to download ]

Certificate of Occupancy
  1. Ordinance #661 requires that a Certificate of Occupancy be issued prior to the use of any building or structure. This Certificate is issued after:
  2. A successful final inspection by our department
  3. Approvals have been obtained from all other regulatory agencies, including the Departments of Health, Surveyor, Highway, Planning/Zoning and
  4. Payment of any outstanding fees for the project.


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