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Frequently Asked Questions

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Steuben County / Angola Area

Tornado Siren Activation

Steuben County has 32 Tornado Sirens through the County and City of Angola. Tornado Sirens may be activated for the following:

1. When a Tornado Warning has been issued for Steuben County by the National Weather Service (NWS).

2. When a Public Safety Officer (EMA, Police, Fire, or Skywarn Personnel) reports a Funnel Cloud or Tornado to Steuben County Communications/911, City Of Angola Dispatch, or Steuben county Emergency Management.

3. When a Funnel/Tornado is reported to either dispatch center or EMA by an untrained bystander/citizen and Dispatch/EMA believes the report to be credible immediate Siren Activation is recommended. Dispatch/EMA may also choose to use available resources at their discretion to assist in verifying a report by an untrained bystander/citizen prior to Siren Activation. When in Doubt Siren Activation is recommended.

4. When directed to activate the sirens by Steuben County EMA Director or Authorized Designee.

5. When a New Funnel/Tornado Threat has been reported in addition to the initial report, Tornado Sirens will be reactivated.

6. NO “ALL CLEAR” will be issued by either dispatch agency or EMA. All citizens must tune to a media outlet for any weather updates.

When activated, Tornado Sirens will cycle a “Solid” “Wail” tone for a period of Three (3) minutes.

It is recommended that all Steuben County residents monitor TV, RADIO and other MEDIA Outlets for Weather Updates!

PLEASE DO NOT CALL 911 for any weather related questions!


All Weather Related Questions should be directed to the NATIONAL WEATHER SERVICE Information Line.

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