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Bike Trail – Phase I

Location:                     CR 200 N north to CR 300 N along SR 127

Designed By:               Butler, Fairman & Seufert, Inc.

Inspected By:               Butler, Fairman & Seufert, Inc.

Contractor:                  E&B Paving, Inc.

Estimated Construction:                                              Estimated Completion:

Begin Date:                 June 2014                                End Date:                    October 2015

Estimated Cost:           $2.7 million                             Funded By:                  Federal Funds  80%

                                                                                                                            Local Funds     20%

This is an asphalt paved shared-use path approximately twelve (12) feet in width with two (2) foot stone shoulders.  The total length of Phase I is approximately 1.2 miles with features including a small trailhead at the northern termini, a modular block retaining wall along the northern section, and a Hawk pedestrian crossing on SR 127.

Trail - Phase I     Trail - Hawk Signal    Trailhead - Phase I