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CR 200 N and CR 200 W Intersection Improvements

 Location:                     Intersection of CR 200 N and CR 200 W

Designed By:               Donohue/Herceg

Inspected By:               A&Z Engineering, LLC

Contractor:                  Brooks Construction

Estimated Construction:                                              Estimated Completion:

Begin Date:                 June 2015                                End Date:                    September 2015

Estimated Cost:           $1.4 million                             Funded By:                  Federal Funds  80%

                                                                                                                            Local Funds     20%

This project includes the addition of a traffic signal at the intersection of CR 200 W and CR 200 N.  Also, dedicated turn lanes shall be added on CR 200 N and CR 200 W with sight distance also being improved along the intersection.

200/200 Intersection