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Bridge Inspection
Steuben County’s bridges are inspected bi-annually in accordance with federal mandates.  Steuben County, with oversight from INDOT, selects a consultant every four (4) years to perform these inspections.  Bridge inspections are funded by the Cumulative Bridge Fund.  The bridge inspection program is an 80/20 federal program which means that 80% of the cost to inspect our county's bridges is reimbursed from the Federal Highway Administration and is administered by INDOT to Steuben County. 

CR 200 N Reconstruction Project - from City Limits to SR 827
Steuben County and the City of Angola are teaming on this project to improve this corridor by providing a curb and gutter section with a center left turn lane through the Glendarin Golf Club entrance then transition to a road section of 12-foot travel lanes and 4-foot paved shoulders.  The at-grade railroad crossing along this corridor will also be widened and improved to include additional safety measures.  Utilities are currently being relocated with roadwork planned to begin in June 2018.

Bike Trail - Phase II - from CR 300 N to SR 727
Many community groups and agencies have teamed to complete the northern segment of the Steuben County Bike Trail.  This trail segment is part of a regional trail network that is proposed to connect Pokagon State Park and Ouabache State Park in Bluffton.  Named the Poka-bache Trail, this segment will be a major corridor for the Northeast Indiana United Trails Group.  More information on the regional trail group can be found here:

This phase of the bike trail will consist of 1.68 miles of 10-foot wide asphalt trail with a 160-foot wooden boardwalk.  It is anticipated to begin construction in June 2018.

CR 200 N Reconstruction Project - from CR 200 W to I-69 Bridge
Steuben County desires to continue the roadway improvements along CR 200 N which began in 2012.  The proposed improvements will begin approximately 1,217 feet east of the intersection of CR 200 W where the intersection improvements terminate. The proposed improvements will continue eastward consisting of two 12-foot lanes with 7-foot shoulders (6-foot paved and 1-foot gravel) and graded side ditches.  A curb and gutter section is proposed to accommodate drainage at the I-69 bridge overpass approach. The existing culvert at the John Croxton drain will be replaced and extended based on vertical curve requirements roadway typical section.  

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