Residential - one or two family dwellings

Site Built
Habitable Areas (finished spaces) $0.14 per SF
Unfinished basements, attached garages $0.10 per SF
Indiana modulars, HUD sectionals $0.10 per SF
Unfinished basements, attached garages $0.10 per SF
Singlewide mobile homes $100.00 each
Foundation permits only $50.00 each
Interior remodeling or alterations of existing $0.07 per SF
One or two family dwellings $50.00 min.
Additions to existing one or two family dwellings $0.14 per S
$50.00 min.
Unattached garages, accessory buildings or storage buildings $0.10 per S
$40.00 min.
Swimming pools, fireplaces, carports, mfg sheds, and all other
improvements other than living areas
$50.00 each
Decks, porches, and awnings $50.00 each
Decks, porches, and awnings installed at the time of new construction $20.00 each
Industrial - Commercial
Foundation only $100.00 each
Commercial: new construction, additions $0.14 per S
$50.00 min.
Remodel $0.10 per S
$50.00 min.
Commercial swimming pools $200.00 each
Commercial storage tanks for combustible of flammable liquids or gases $50.00 each
Occupancy Permits, required for all the above $10.00 each
Electrical Fees
Service inspections $30.00 each
Existing residential electrical package; includes service, rough-in
and final inspections
$75.00 each
Commercial electrical $75.00
Communication towers $200.00 each
Mobile home inspections required by Zoning $50.00 each
ADD: for out of county inspections, $30.00 per hour plus $0.30 per mile
(min. of 2 hours)
$50.00 per hr plus.405 
Inspections not required by permit $50.00 per hr
Reinspection Fees
1st trip $30.00
2nd trip $40.00
3rd and subsequent trips $60.00 each
Original Permit more than $100.00 $50.00 (6 months)
Less than $100.00 $25.00 (6 months)
Work without a permit Triple fee
Occupancy before final inspection $100.00
Failure to comply $100.00 per day