Final Inspections

The following items will need to be completed prior to requesting a final inspection of your new home:
  1. All exterior doors must be equipped with the required egress landings. This includes the 36 x 36 landing, stairs and rails as required. Decks may substitute for landings.
  2. Interior stairs, rails and barriers must be installed.
  3. A functioning kitchen must be installed.
  4. At least one bathroom must be complete; lavatory, water closet and tub or shower.
  5. Properly wired smoke detectors must be installed.
  6. Garage/house smoke wall must be complete.
  7. All fixtures must be in place and every room must have at least 1 light source operable by switch (no open power receptacles, outlet boxes and/or switch boxes).
  8. All electrical, water, sewer (septic), gas connections, must be completed.
  9. A means of providing heat must be provided.
  10.  Street address must be posted in accordance with Ordinance #697, and 911 address on the structure, if applicable.
Re-Inspection Fees
First trip            $30.00
Second trip       $40.00
Third trip           $60.00 (and all subsequent trips)
Will be charged at time of re-inspection and must be paid before a Certificate of Occupancy is issued.

Certificate of Occupancy
  1. Ordinance #661 requires that a Certificate of Occupancy be issued prior to the use of any building or structure. This Certificate is issued after;
  2. A successful final inspection by our department
  3. Approvals have been obtained from all other regulatory agencies, including the Departments of Health, Surveyor, Highway, Planning/Zoning and;
  4. Payment of any outstanding fees for the project.