Required Inspections

The person doing the work authorized by a permit is to notify the building department when work is ready for inspection. The building official requires that every inspection request be filed at least one working day before desired. Each request is to be by telephone. It is your responsibility to provide safe access and a means for the inspection to be completed. (i.e. ladder if needed)

Approval Required
Work is not to be done beyond the point indicated in each successive inspection without first obtaining approval of the building official. The building department, upon proper notification, will make the requested inspections and indicate the completed work is satisfactory or leave written notification on site if it fails to comply with the code. Any portion of work that does not comply, shall be corrected and not covered until approved by the building official. All structures must pass a final inspection before Use or occupancy.

Required Inspections
Footing Inspection
To be made after excavations are complete and include form work and reinforcing steel as required. Soil tests and engineer reports may be required on projects where soil conditions are less than ideal.

Foundation Wall Inspection
For concrete, all materials for the wall are to be in place including prepped reinforcing, form work and any engineering documentation if required by the building department. No inspections are required for short walls under (4'-0) four feet. For treated wood, additional inspections may be required.

To be made after all under floor or in slab service equipment, conduit, piping, plumbing, or other equipment items are in place before pouring concrete.

Permanent Or Temporary Electric Service 
Includes meter base, main breaker panel or disconnect (if required) and two ground rods. Call 668-1000x1250 for more information. If approved by the building department we inform one of the three power companies that serve our county. It is then the responsibility of the owner to set up an account and schedule the connection with the power company.

Rough In Inspections
Plumbing, mechanical and electrical inspections are to be made prior to insulation or any covering or concealment of pipes, wires, vents or ductwork and can be with the framing inspection.

Includes all water, waste and vent lines installed, properly supported and protected with nail guards as needed.

Includes all gas lines, heating ducts or piping, bathroom exhaust venting, furnace, fireplace and water heater venting.

Includes all wires pulled into properly sized junction boxes with wire stripped and grounds bonded ready for devices.

Framing Inspection
To be made after completion of walls, roof, floor system, sheathing, stairs, windows, exterior doors, fire blocking.

Final Inspection
To be made after all inspections are complete and then a certificate of occupancy will be issued when the final inspection is approved.

Other Requirements
Fuel Gas Pressure Test 

The Required Fuel Gas Pressure Test Form is available in our office or you can download the form from our Documents Section.  You must have Acrobat Reader to view this form. A signed pressure test from the installer is required on all new gas lines before the gas company will install a new service. Any qualified person may conduct these tests. A test must hold a minimum of 10 psi for 15 minutes with no pressure loss.  After we receive the completed form we will fax it to the gas company. It is then the responsibility of the owner to schedule a service installation with the gas company. New installations are limited and can take some time before they are completed, so plan ahead.

Street Address
County ordinance requires your reflective street address numbers (3"x 1-1/2") must be within 15 feet of the edge of the road, no higher than 6'-0 above the road and on the same side as the residential structure. Numbers posted on mail boxes across the road do not comply and must be relocated to the house side of the road preferably near the driveway. A correctly posted address must be placed before final inspection. For more information call (260) 668-1000 Ext 1250.

Alarm Systems 
A licensed steuben county alarm contractor must install any alarm system tied into the 911 emergency systems. The owner must obtain a permit from the county communications office (260) 668-1000 Ext 4050.

Carbon Monoxide Detectors
County ordinance requires carbon monoxide detector units to be installed in all new residential occupancies with an attached garage or fuel burning appliance or fireplace. Contact this office for more information on placement and locations. (260)668-1000 Ext 1250.