Small Claims

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All Forms are available for download here

Forms to file a Small Claims case are available by coming to the Clerk’s Office. Along with the forms, we will give you information about filing your Small Claims case and the number of forms you will need to provide. The filing fees will need to be paid by cash, certified check, or money order when paying in person, or by certified check or money order when sending payment for filing in the mail. When filing by mail, you will also need to send a self-addressed stamped legal sized envelope for return of your copies and receipt. (No Personal Checks)

The maximum amount that can be sought in a Small Claims case is $10,000.00. The amount that can be sought for a corporation as the plaintiff is $6000.00 without employing an attorney, or $10,000.00 with an attorney.

Court dates are normally six weeks after you file the case. The Sheriff’s Department will perform service for the Notice of Claim when the defendant(s) resides in the State of Indiana and there is a physical address available. When the address is a P. O. Box or they live outside the State of Indiana then service needs to be completed by certified mail.