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Steuben County Alarm Ordinance 642
The Steuben County Commissioners enacted County Alarm Ordinance 642 in 1992. The County Alarm Ordinance was Amended in 1993. This ordinance amended the Municipal Code by regulating certain automatic alarms, establishing requirements for audible alarms, initiating a fee for certain alarm system permits, establishing a fee for an alarm business license, establish requirements for direct alarm monitoring, and establishing regulations and penalties for excessive false alarms.

Steuben County is desirous of the enactment of an ordinance for the purpose of reducing the number of false police and fire alarms activated by residences and businesses in the county. Notwithstanding due care and caution, each and every time an emergency vehicle is called to answer a false alarm, the citizens and employees of the County, Cities and rural fire departments are greatly endangered, which could result in causing serious injury or loss or life to an innocent bystander or emergency personnel. The average cost for each emergency run that the police and fire departments make is substantial.

All residence and business alarms within the boundaries of Steuben County are required to obtain an Alarm Permit. All alarm permits expire on May 31st each year and must be renewed.

  • The 1st year cost is $25.00
  • $15.00 renewal fee each following year

You can obtain an Application for Alarm System Permit for either a Residence or Business from the Communications Department.

Alarm businesses must apply and obtain a license to operate in Steuben County. An alarm business is defined as any business or any person who leases, maintains, monitors, services, repairs, alters, replaces, moves, installs, or responds to or causes to be leased, maintained, monitored, serviced, repaired, altered, replaced, moved, installed, or responded to any alarm system in or on any building, structure, facility, or premises. The license expires on May 31st each year and must be renewed.

The yearly license fee is $50.00

You can obtain an Application for Alarm Business License from the Communications Department.

The Director of Steuben County Communications administers the Steuben County Alarm Ordinance.