Emergency Medical Service

The Steuben County Emergency Medical Services Department builds on four foundations:

     1. Excellence in the medical care delivered to our patients,
     2. Response time reliability to true emergency events,
     3. Providing EMS service in the most economically efficient manner possible, and
     4. Excellent customer service to our patients.

Our key objective is to reliably deliver the most appropriately trained person to the patient's side in a timely manner and ensure each patient is directed to the most appropriate healthcare facility.

Steuben County EMS is a 24/7 service that serves all of Steuben County. Steuben County covers 336 square miles with seven city/towns. The Emergency Medical Service is an entity of Steuben County Government. The County subsidizes all of the services provided by Steuben County EMS and any generated revenues are returned to the County General Fund. All processes performed by this department are under the supervision of an EMS Director appointed by the County Commissioners.

Our department has 18 full time employees; which includes, 15 paramedics, one AEMT, one Office Manager and the EMS Director. All medics are licensed by the Indiana State EMS Commission, certified in ACLS, PALS, and PHTLS. We also employee approximately 15 part time employees from Basic EMT's to Paramedics.

Steuben County EMS has two stations within Steuben County. The majority of the units are housed in Angola at 205 South Martha Street. The second station is located at 20 West State Road 120 in Fremont. Our service relies strongly on our eight fire departments located around the County. They supply medical assistance with Certified Emergency Medical Responders and they are certified through the Indiana State EMS Commission and BLS/ALS non-transport services.

In 2013 we handled 3,035 ambulance runs with 2,369 patients transported. 476 of those ambulance runs were inter facility transports. We averaged 8.31 ambulance runs per day. Our 2013 average response time was 7.26 minutes from the time the 911 call was answered to arrival at the call location.