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Vital Records

All persons who have been born and/or died in Steuben County after 1882 should have a written birth and death certificate on file with the Health Department. These records are legal documents, which can be used for identification purposes. There are restrictions on who can apply for these documents. Please call the Health Department for information on procedures and restrictions for this service.

Death Certificate
: $10.00 for each copy (Effective Date: 11-5-19)
A Certified Copy of Death contains a raised seal and the Health Officer's signature and is a legal document. The document includes name, age, sex, marital status, date of death, place of death, cause of death, physician, cemetery, and funeral director. Some records, especially older ones, may have very little information. Additional information, such as parents, birth date, etc. (if available) can be typed on the back of the certificate on request only. This additional information is not certified.

Birth Certificate
: $10.00 for each copy.
A Certified Copy of Birth contains name in full, date of birth, where born, name and birthplace of father and mother, date record was filed, book, page, and file number.

Genealogical Record Search
$10.00 per three (3) names; $5.00 each name thereafter (Effective Date: 11-5-19)
If a record is located, all information available will be copied from the record and provided to you. None of this information is certified.

Affidavit of Paternity
Filing Fee
: 20.00 each. (Effective Date: 11-5-19)

Copy of Affidavit of Paternity - Uncertified
Cost: $1.00 (Effective Date: 11-5-19)
This includes the completed affidavit of paternity but it is a copy for record retention purposes.

Affidavit requesting Amendment to Birth Certificate
Filing Fee
: $20.00 each (Effective Date: 11-5-19)
(includes one (1) certified copy of certificate)

Report of Legal Change of Name
Filing Fee: $10.00 each
(includes one (1) certified copy of certificate)

Home Birth Registration
Cost: $25.00 each. (Effective Date: 11-5-19)

To request Birth/Death Certificate forms please send a request via the Contact Us page.

If requesting information by mail, please enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope with money order or cashier's check, along with a copy of a photo ID, do not send cash or personal check, to:

Steuben County Health Department
Attn: Vital Records
317 South Wayne Street, Suite 3 A
Angola, IN 46703

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