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Environmental Health

The Steuben County Health Department is committed to providing environmental health awareness through inspections, permits, investigations and regulatory enforcement of onsite sewage systems. The process of reviewing, permitting and inspecting of onsite sewage systems, or commonly referred to as a septic system, are performed on a daily basis.

All septic installers in Steuben County must be certified by the Indiana Onsite Wastewater Professionals Association (IOWPA). Information related to the training and examination of septic installers can be found here.  Our Department updates a yearly registration and roster of septic installers for the county for the convenience of residents. Our department has education resources available for any resident with questions related to the maintenance of an onsite sewage system. 

General environmental health complaints are investigated regarding any conditions, which transmit, generate, or promote disease. This is inclusive of all chemical or fuel spills or hazardous waste. Other environmental investigations such as animal bites, swimming pools, tattoo and body piercing parlors are part of the Health Departments daily routine to ensure public health.

Please call (260) 668-1000 ext. 1500 if requesting a letter of non-objection, septic or well permit, or to make an appointment with an Environmental Health Specialist.

Residential Water Well
$40.00 per permit
Permit is valid for 1 year from issue date.

Onsite Sewage System Permit
: $60.00 per permit 
Permit is valid for 1 year from issue date.

Letter of Non-Objection
: $20.00 per letter written
Letter is valid for 1 year from issue date.

All permits and/or fees are not transferable
All fees are not refundable

Forms are available on the Documents page.

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