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Improvement Location Permits
   (a) Projects <199 square feet  $ 25.00
   (b) Projects >= 200 square feet $150.00
Appeal Petition of the decision of the Plan Director $300.00
   (a) If the Plan Director determines that the appeal will take
         more than one-half hour, and will require a special meeting.
Variance Petition (Developmental Standard & Use) $300..00
   (a) Each additional Variance request per petition $100.00
Special Exception Application $150.00
Application for Vacation of a Public Way/Easement $1000.00
Before scheduling any public hearing regarding the vacation of any
public way, the following requirements shall be met.
   (a) A copy of a current legal survey showing the legal description
    of the property to be vacated.  Current is defined as no more than
    six months since the most current certification by a registered
    engineer or surveyor
   (b) Evidence of the ownership of the servient estate.
   Administrative Division $150.00
   Primary Approval  
   First four lots (1-4) $100.00
   Each additional lot (5+) $20.00 each
Secondary Approval of a Subdivision $50.00
Fence and Retaining Wall Permits $20.00
Sign Permits $50.00 minimum
($1.00 per sq ft)
Rezoning $250.00 + 
$20.00 per acre
Planned Unit Development $1,000.00 + 
$20.00 per acre
Copy of Comprehensive Plan $30.00
Copy of Zoning Ordinance $30.00
Copy of Subdivision Control Ordinance $30.00

All Applicants for the Platting of subdivisions, Special Exceptions, Variances, Appeals, Rezoning, Vacations, and any other petition requiring a public hearing shall be charge $60.00 for legal advertisement costs and all certified mailing costs to the appropriate "interested persons" as so designated by the Office of the Plan Commission.

When a petitioner or applicant requests a SPECIAL MEETING, a one time fee will be charged.  If more than one petitioner/applicant files, the fee may be divided equally among the petitions filed.  The Plan Director of Office of the Plan Commission shall collect the following Special Meeting Fees:
   (a) Any request heard by the Plan Commission
          Except Special Exceptions $900.00
   (b) Any request heard by the Board of Zoning Appeals
          Except Special Exceptions $900.00
   (c) Special Exceptions heard by both the
          Plan Commission and the Board of Zoning Appeals $1,800.00

In the event an applicant or petitioner is in violation of any provision of this Ordinance at the time an application or petition is filed, the fee for said application or petition shall triple in amount as provided herein for said type of application or petition.
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