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Orders of Protection

Under the Indiana Civil Protection Order Act, courts can issue orders to protect people from domestic or family violence, stalking, or a sex offense.  These court orders are called "Orders for Protection."  There are two kinds of orders for protection - an Ex Parte order for protection, which is issued without a hearing; and an Order for Protection, which is issued after a hearing.  Orders for protection normally last two years, unless the judge decides on a different duration.

The person asking for the order is called a "Petitioner."  The petitioner needs to file a petition in a court of record against the other person, called a "Respondent."  There are two different kinds of petitions a person can file - one kind allows a person to seek protection for himself/herself; the other allows a petitioner to ask for protection on behalf of a child.

The Act was passed to promote the protection and safety of all victims of domestic or family violence, sexual assault, and stalking; and to prevent future violence against such victims.

To apply for protection under this law, a petitioner NEEDS to have been a victim of:
  1. domestic or family violence,
  2. stalking, or
  3. a sex offense.
A parent, guardian, or other representative may file a petition for an order for protection on behalf of a child against a:
  1. family or household member who commits an act of domestic or family violence, or
  2. a person who has committed stalking or a sex offense against the child.
Note: in order to file a petition, you MUST have the Respondent's:
  1. correct name,
  2. correct date of birth or social security number, and
  3. correct, current address.
For more information or questions regarding orders for protection, or to obtain the forms required visit the Indiana Judicial System website.
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