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Victim Assistance

General Information
The Victim Assistance program was established by the Prosecuting Attorney in 1991, and acts as a liaison between victims of crime and: prosecutors, judges, probation, and the clerk's office.

The Victim Assistance director provides victims of crime: information regarding the criminal justice process, the status of court proceedings, information about the victims' rights with regard to the pending court proceedings, and information and assistance with filing compensation claims. The Victim Assistance director also obtains information from victims of crime (i.e. restitution figures, the victim's feelings about the crime, etc.) and shares that information with prosecutors and judges.

Domestic Violence
If you are the victim of domestic violence or if you know someone who is the victim of domestic violence, and you would like to receive more information about : services available, shelter locations, or crisis intervention, you may also contact:

Elijah Haven Crisis Intervention Center, Inc.
(260) 463-8700

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