Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I make a partial payment on my taxes?
A: Yes, payments may be made any time in any amount, but the full amount will need to be paid by the due date to avoid penalties on the unpaid balance.

Q: Do you accept postmarks?
A: Yes, we consider a payment "on time" if the envelope is postmarked on or before the tax due date.  Please be aware of postal deadlines and postal procedures when mailing your payment.  We use the postmark as printed on the envelope when determining if a payment is on time.

Q: How are taxes billed?
A: Base on the March 1st ownership year, taxes are due and payable the following year in two installments.  Tax bills are mailed once a year; both the 1st and 2nd installment tax bill payment stubs are included.  Due dates are on each installment statement.  Taxes not paid on or before the due date are subject to penalty.

Q: How can I contact the Treasurer's Office?
A: You can contact us in the following ways:
    Phone  (260)668-1000 Ext 1900
    Fax  (260)668-8724 
    In Person  Steuben County Community Building 
  317 S Wayne Street Suite 2K
  Angola, In 46703 

Q: How do I get a receipt for my tax payment?

A: When making your payment in person, bring in your entire tax bill.  We will collect either the spring or fall payment stub with your payment and will affix the Treasurer stamp to the back of your portion of the bill as a receipt for your records.  When mailing in your payment, your canceled check will act as your receipt.  You may request a receipt be sent to you if you enclose your portion of the bill and a self-addressed stamped envelope with your payment.

Q: What needs to be done to obtain a mobile home title transfer or moving permit?
A: You should bring the mobile home title to the Treasurer's office to obtain a permit.  If you are obtaining a moving permit you need to provide the new location address.  We also need the name of the current mobile home owner to verify the taxes have been paid.  To obtain a title transfer, all of the taxes need to be paid current.  If it is after the January 15th assessment date, you must pay an estimated tax for the next year.  To obtain a moving permit, you must have the full year's tax paid.  If it is after the January 15th assessment date, you must pay an estimated tax for the next year.