Why Breastfeed?

  1. Breast feeding saves time because breast milk is always warm and ready to feed.
  2. Breast feeding can help you get your figure back faster after pregnancy.
  3. Nighttime feedings are quick and easy
  4. Breast feeding saves money
  5. Breast feeding does not tie you down
  6. Breast feeding is a warm and cozy time for you and your baby.
  7. Breast feeding helps you feel close to your baby.
  8. You are providing your baby with the best nutrition possible.
  9. Breast feeding is a special gift you can give your baby.
  10. No mixing, measuring, or heating. Breast milk is always ready.
  11. Breast milk helps your baby grow healthy and strong.
  12. Breast milk is just what your baby needs in the correct amounts.
  13. Breast milk changes to meet the growing needs of your baby
  14. Breast milk is gentle to your baby's stomach and easy to digest.
  15. Breast fed babies may have less colic, constipation, and diarrhea.
  16. Breast fed babies have fewer doctor visits and fewer trips to the hospital.
  17. Breast fed babies often have fewer earaches, and respiratory problems.
  18. Breast fed babies tend to have fewer cases of allergies and eczema.
  19. Breast fed is a special experience that you can share with your baby.
  20. Breast milk does not stain clothes.
  21. Breast feeding helps everyone because if leads to healthier people.
  22. Breast feeding makes less trash and pollution because there are fewer cans, bottles, and nipples to throw away.

Breast Feeding Steps for Success
Mom should tell the hospital staff that she plans to breast feed and ask that the baby be brought to her for all feedings.

Mom should be in a comfortable position when nursing. She should bring the baby to the breast rather than the breast to the baby. Once the baby has latched on, mom should sit back and relax.

During the first few days, the length of each feeding may vary.

Babies should be breast fed whenever they are hungry, about every two hours or more in the first few weeks.

During the first 2-3 weeks avoid giving a nursing baby bottles and pacifiers. The baby is just learning how to nurse. Rubber nipples can confuse the baby in the way he or she sucks. After 2-3 weeks, others can feed the baby pumped breast milk.