Application Forms and Permits

Requirements needed for application for an Improvement Location Permit shall be accompanied by the following:
  1. A description of the proposed development and legal description of the property site.
  2. A dimensioned site plan drawn to scale showing existing and proposed structure locations and existing and proposed land grades.
  3. An updated survey or certification of existing property lines may be required by the Zoning Administrator if there is any question regarding compliance with the setback requirements of this ordinance, or if the permit site is a subdivision of an existing parcel.
  4. A Driveway Permit from the applicable State or County Highway Engineer
  5. A Letter of Approval from the relative Waste District, where applicable.
  6. A Well and Septic Permit or Letter of Non-Objection from the County Health Department.
  7. A Letter of Approval from the County Surveyor relative to drainage plan and setbacks from legal drains.
  8. A Letter of Air Space Approval, if so applicable.
  9. A Mobile Home Tax Release from the County Treasurer, and Certificate of Inspection from the Building Commission, if so applicable.

Please reference the forms below for Process and applicable phone numbers.  Forms are located in the Document Section.  You must have Acrobat Reader to view them.

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