Plan Commission

Starting with the January 3rd, 2024 Plan Commission meeting, the meeting start time will be 5:00pm. This is only for the Plan Commission meetings. Board of Zoning Appeals meetings will still be held at 7:00pm. 


As team members in Steuben County Government, the Plan Commission plays a key role in creating and communicating the vision of the County and acts as the primary coordinating agency in the development, adoption, and implementation of the County's plans and policies relating to development and use of the land.

Plan Commission
The Steuben County Plan Commission is responsible for the Steuben County Comprehensive Plan, and its implementation through the County Zoning Ordinance, the Subdivision Control Ordinance, and various policies and practices. Guided by the Comprehensive Plan, the Plan Commission controls the type, location, and timing of development in unincorporated Steuben County. Angola, Fremont, Orland, Hamilton, Ashley-Hudson, and Clear Lake have their own plan commissions.

The Zoning Ordinance, effective 8/1/2008, is available for download under the Ordinance section.

Steuben County Board of Zoning Appeals
The Steuben County Board of Zoning Appeals provides flexibility to the Steuben County Zoning Ordinance by allowing exceptions to the Zoning Ordinance under certain circumstances. Also, the Board may allow land uses not otherwise permitted if Zoning Ordinance standards create a hardship for a property owner. In addition, the Board serves as the forum to appeal certain planning and zoning decisions.